Pawn Tray - 

Pawn Tray


Measured Drawing


I love Paizo's™ pawns, and I own every set that's come out so far. But I've been struggling with a way to store them that makes it really easy to find the pawns I want just a few minutes before game time.

I've designed this tray to fit inside the Bestiary Box™. Each slot in this tray is filled with pawns. I plan to use card stock to divide the pawns into categories (i.e. Goblinoid, Hobgoblin; Human, Fighter; Elf, Wizard). Heck, with the NPC box that just arrived, I may even subdivide by gender, since I'll have so many humans/halflings/elves/dwarves.

Note that you'll have to store the Bestiary Box™ flat... no component of ths tray holds the pawns "down."


Pieces to Cut

Qty. Name Height Width
1 Base 8 1/8" 10 11/16"
2 Exterior: Long Sides 2" 10 11/16"
2 Exterior: Short Sides 2" 8 1/2"
1 Interior: Long Divider 1 13/16" 8 1/2"
2 Interior: Medium Dividers 1 13/16" 8 1/8"
3 Interior: Short Dividers 1 13/16" 5 5/16"
1 Interior: Shortest Divider 1 13/16" 5 1/4"

Note: "Thickness" omitted from table above since all pieces of foamcore should be 3/16" thick.


  1. Cut out the pieces.
  2. Glue/tack the long sides to the base.
  3. Glue/tack the short sides to the base and long sides.
  4. Glue/tack the long divider in place.
  5. Glue/tack the medium dividers in place.
  6. Glue/tack the short divider in place.
  7. Glue/tack the shortest dividers in place.